Eric's Triathlon Stuff

I got pretty heavily into Triathlon in 1998. So much so that I wrote a whole bunch of race reports and a fairly complex Excel based planning and logging package called eTrain

This is me at the New Balance Half-Iron. Click on the picture for a full-size scan and here for some other pictures.

Here's a bunch of links to various sites about training for endurance athletes:
Trilog is a free logging package for triathletes, runners, etc. developed by Rob Blomquist. It's probably your best if you want something a little less automated than eTrain. Also, it runs on a lot of platforms eTrain won't.
Dr. Jenkins SportsMedWeb, an excellent source for sports medicine information.
MAPP, a bunch of good training information. Answers questions like "Do Kenyans Do Intervals" information on heat training.
Lucas Pereira's hill grade page, listing hill profiles for many Bay Area climbs.
A list of average grades of a bunch of popular Bay Area hills.

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