eTrain Known Problems

Compiling Error - "missing object"

eTrain uses the MSCAL Calendar control to do it's calendar display. Apparently, this control is only installed with Access, which only comes with Office Professional and Developer Editions. As a consequence, doing pretty much anything in eTrain gives you an undefined object.

The fix for this is to get yourself a copy of the MSCAL calendar control from the MS Office Developer website.

Step 1: Download the control
Step 2: Install the control. The file downloads as a self-extracting archive. When you run it, it will ask where you want to put the control. It can go anywhere, but I suggest C:\winnt\system32 on NT and C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM on 95/98.
Step 3: Register the control. Pull up Excel and bring up the control toolbox. This is done by right-clicking anywhere in the menu-bar. This will pop-up a list of menus to bring up. Select 'Control Toolbox' and a floating Control Toolbox window will appear. Down at the bottom of the window is the little hammer and wrench icon with a ... underneath it. Click on that to bring up the additional controls window. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on 'Register Custom Control'. This brings up a file dialog. Navigate to wherever you shoved the .ocx file and select it.

This should fix the problem. If it doesn't, try quitting Excel and restarting. Then try eTrain. If this still doesn't work, let me know.

Infinite Looping in Excel 2000

If you use eTrain in Excel 2000 you may get thrown into the debugger with a 'Compilation error'. Trying to quit the debugger just results in another pop-up and you have to kill Excel to continue. This is another symptom of the calendar problem mentioned above. Install the MSCAL control to fix it.

File format is not valid

If you get this error when trying to load eTrain, this typically means that you have Excel 5.0. eTrain needs Excel 97 or greater to work properly.

Metric v. English

Version 1.0a1 only supported English units. 1.0b1 supports both Metric and English.

Changing the template erases all my recorded workouts

This is the intended behavior of the system. Actually, the workouts aren't deleted, the upper left hand corner of the "Data" worksheet is reset so recorded workouts are ignored. You can recover them by setting this cell to the first free row in the data table.

Changing the template doesn't erase my workouts completely

This is fixed in 1.0b1.

The Scheduled Workouts Don't Add Up

I botched the templates in pre-1.0b2 so that one of the Run Overdistance workouts was missing. 1.0b2 fixes this. Note that this is solely a problem with the templates, so if you wrote your own template, you may be fine. (Of course, you may have made a similar mistake independently).